Storm Types in NSW

Learn about some common storm types that we experience in NSW

Managing Pets in Disasters

Your pets are reliant on you during storms and can be scared by lightning, thunder and heavy rain. Read more on how to look after your pets this storm season.

Get Ready NSW

NSW SES and NRMA Insurance are working side by side to encourage NSW residents to Get Ready.

New Year Resolution, how prepared are you 2022?

Preparing now can help reduce damage caused by severe storms.

Summer storms are here

Together with NRMA Insurance we’re asking everyone to make clearing the gutters a top priority.

Prepare now for a Tornado

It is important to be aware of the conditions that can cause tornadoes and know what to do to prepare, respond and recover.

Learn about Coastal Erosion

During storms coastal erosion can occur rapidly, causing damage and potential danger to buildings, infrastructure and people.

Before a storm

Know Your Risk

Storms can happen anywhere, at any time of the year. It is important to prepare your family and prepare your property now and stay prepared all year round. Storms are the most costly natural disaster to affect NSW.


Plan Now For What You Will Do

One of the most important things you can do now is to plan for future emergencies.

Remember, it is important to protect your family from storms and minimise damage to your property or business. 

Prepare Your Home

There are eight simple things that you can do now to prepare your home and help reduce the potential damage caused by severe storms.

Know your warnings

Severe Weather and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology to alert communities to the threat of severe weather.

Look out for each other

Looking out for each other before a storm hits can help one another prepare and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Learn about Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion is the loss of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of beach and dune material in response to changing wave and water level conditions.

Things to consider if you live in a rural area

As a rural property owner or manager you may have experienced many storms.

The effects of storms on rural property owners can include losses to livestock, crops, fencing, buildings, personal items, farm equipment and machinery.

Get Your Emergency Kit Together

When a severe storm impacts your area, you may need to relocate until the area can be deemed safe. Having an emergency Kit ready will allow to to move to safety knowing you have everything you and your family need.

StormSafe for people living with deafness and hearing impairments

Many people across NSW are affected by dangerous storms and there have been avoidable deaths due to storm activity. The protection of life is the highest priority for the NSW SES when we make decisions about planning for storms.

During a storm

Electricity Safety Tips

If your power or gas goes out or there's a fault or emergency, your distributor is usually the best place to start.

Know Your Risk

During storms it is important to protect your family and property from major storm impacts including:

  • Damaging winds
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Damaging surf

Plan Now for What You Will Do

Has a Severe Weather Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning been issued?

Now is the time to activate and follow your HOME or BUSINESS emergency plan.

Prepare Your Home and Business

A Severe Weather Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued.

Now is the time to activate your home or business emergency plan.


Be Aware

Severe Weather Warnings and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings?

How will I know if a storm is about to hit? Find out here.

Look Out For Each Other

How can we all look out for others during a storm?

Pets and Animals

Information on caring for your pets and animals - before, during and after a storm.

Make sure you look after your pets and include them in your emergency plans.

After a storm

Know Your Risk - After a Storm

What dangers are there after a storm has hit?

Find out what to be aware of and how to keep safe.

Plan Now For What You Will Do

Now is the time to activate your HOME or BUSINESS emergency plan.

Prepare Your Home and Business

Keep listening to your local radio station for information, updates and advice.

Be Aware

Listen to your local radio station and other media for information, updates and advice

Look Out For Each Other

Check your house or property for damage

Volunteer with NSW SES

Volunteering with NSW SES is an exciting and rewarding experience. As a NSW SES volunteer you can not only make a difference in the lives of others, but also gain valuable training and skills.

Every NSW SES volunteer is part of a team of highly-trained professionals across the state who share a commitment to helping their communities. Do you have what it takes? #VolunteerExperience


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