Get Ready NSW

Get Ready for Storm Season with the following steps.

This Storm Season, NSW SES need you to be aware and prepared for storms.

While storms can happen at any time of the year, between October and March, NSW sees increased chances of strong winds and heavy rain, which risks floods and flash floods.

This year, the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that this Storm Season will be wetter than average. Unfortunately, this means we will see more instances of heavy rain and the very real risk of riverine and flash flooding.

NSW SES volunteers are always ready and willing to assist local communities through storms and floods. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to prepare to protect your family, animals, household and property. So, are you ready for Storm Season?

Together it's simple to Get Ready for Storm Season.

Do the 8 tips to prepare for storms

Create your Home Emergency Plan and share the plan with your family.

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