Learn about Coastal Erosion

What is Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion is the loss of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of beach and dune material in response to changing wave and water level conditions. During storms coastal erosion can occur rapidly, causing damage and potential danger to buildings, infrastructure and people.

Weather conditions leading to coastal erosion in NSW are typically associated with intense low pressure systems off the coast which generate large waves and elevated water levels. These low pressure systems include tropical cyclones, ex-tropical cyclones and east coast lows.

The extent of coastal erosion can be influenced by a number of natural factors including: tides; waves; water level; wind; rips; runoff and headlands. It can also be affected by the presence of sea walls and other structures.

Climate change is predicted to result in increased coastal erosion over time, as sea levels rise and storm intensity increases.

You may also be indirectly affected by storms; access roads may be blocked or you have no power, utilities or telephone connection.

The NSW SES has developed a Coastal Erosion Guide available for download here - Coastal Erosion StormSafe Guide

Be aware of official warnings and natural signs of storms. Know your warnings

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