Emergency Plan

Why you need an emergency plan

In Australia, natural disasters such as floods, fire and even earthquakes can strike without warning. During an emergency, your main aim is to ensure your Home and Business is prepared for flood, storms and tsunami. By carefully researching and planning before an emergency happens, you’ll be ready to act quickly and effectively.

The NSW SES is responsible for the emergency management of floods, storms and tsunami in NSW.

This Home Emergency Plan is specifically targeted to these events but the advice can be useful for other hazards.

Being prepared now can significantly reduce:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of property
  • Loss of possessions

Being prepared now can also help you respond better and recover faster when these events happen.

Home Emergency Plan Image

Develop an business emergency management plan

A good business emergency management plan prepares you and your business for unexpected disruptions.

Use the Australian Government Business emergency management plan template to prepare an emergency management and recovery plan to help protect your business before, during and after an emergency.

Develop an emergency management plan | business.gov.au

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