Know Your Risk

During storms it is important to protect your family and property from major storm impacts including:

  • Damaging winds which can bring down trees, branches, power lines, remove roofs and blow around outdoor items, for example outdoor furniture and trampolines
  • Hail which can injure people and damage property
  • Lightening which can down trees, power lines and other structures
  • Heavy rainfall which can cause water to damage exposed homes, belongings and roadways; rise rapidly and; drain rapidly making drains, and other water courses a dangerous
  • Damaging surf which can be unsafe and flood homes and properties in coastal areas

During a storm, you may also be indirectly affected with access roads being blocked or you have no power, utilities or telephone connection.


There are simple things you can do during a storm to help protect yourself and your family:

  • Never enter or travel through floodwater
  • Bring children and pets indoors, away from windows
  • Stay clear of creeks, drains, causeways, gutters, streams, fallen trees, power lines and damaged buildings
  • If driving, put your hazard lights on and pull over to the side of the road keeping clear of drains, causeways, streams, creeks, trees and power lines
  • If outdoors, seek secure shelter away from drains, causeways, streams, creeks, trees and power lines

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