Know Your Risk

Storms can cause major damage to your property.

Storms can also cause major damage to local infrastructure including telephone poles, roadways and other buildings.

It is important to follow all directions given by emergency services after a storm.

Sometimes areas may be evacuated during a storm. Do not return to these areas until an 'All Clear' has been issued.

Be aware of Health and Safety issues.

Here are some tips for what to do after a storm:

  • Keep listening to your local radio station for information, updates and advice
  • Check your house or property for damage (you may need to get experts in to check structural stability)
  • Follow health and safety advice when clearing up after storms (wear appropriate clothing and have experts check things like electricity, sewage and water supplies
  • Do not drink water that has been exposed to storms
  • Do not eat food that has been exposed to storms
  • Stay clear of creeks, drains, causeways, gutters, streams, fallen trees, power lines and any damaged buildings
  • Check to see if your neighbours need help
  • Do not go sightseeing as this may hinder recovery efforts or put yourself and others at risk

NSW SES provide temporary assistance to make safe property and to provide access to properties. Permanent repairs need to be done by professionals. Clearing away of debris is the responsibility of the property owner.


If you need assistance from the NSW SES because you have damage to your property or access to your property is blocked, call 132 500.

In life-threatening emergencies, call 000 (triple zero)

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