Teon West


Hornsby Unit

"If you're thinking about it, do it! Don't waste time thinking about if you should join."

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within NSW SES?

I joined NSW SES Hornsby Unit as soon as I turned 16. I am apart of the fleet team in my unit and help manage a large storm truck.

Why did you join NSW SES? Anything that was deciding factor for you?

Growing up, my house would flood severely and SES volunteers would come help. At a young age I loved watching the men and women in orange outside my house and knew I wanted to be apart of it. My dad joined NSW SES when I was about 7, I can remember trying on his uniform and pretending I was chainsawing down trees. As soon as I turned 16 I applied to become a member and not even 2 weeks later I was standing in the Hornsby Unit. I always knew I wanted to be apart of the SES family.

What is your favourite part about being a member of the NSW State Emergency Service?

My favourite part about being a volunteer for the SES is attending jobs and turning up to someones house, being able to help a person who is in serious need. It's always very rewarding when you get back into the truck or vehicle and look back at the job you just attended knowing the resident is thankful.

The NSW SES also sponsored me to be apart of Young Endeavour in 2017 where I sailed for 11 days alongside one other SES youth member.

I have also marched in the Mardi Gras with the NSW SES which was very memorable and exciting!

What are the various skills you have learnt along the way?

I believe I have learnt how to work with a team in difficult situations, I have learnt how to safely chainsaw and repair damaged roofs.

What advice would you give to others that are thinking to join?

Give it ago! I have never looked back. I joined NSW SES in Year 11 and did my HSC. I continued volunteering in year 12, NSW SES was a great balance for me.

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