Community Action Team Volunteers

Community Action Teams provide smaller communities and groups with an opportunity to volunteer with the NSW SES. Volunteers use their existing skills and experience, and some basic training provided by the NSW SES to help prepare their community and keep people safe during severe weather events.

Community Action Teams provide a variety of roles depending on the requirements of the local community, but may be involved in protecting properties from flooding, using community networks to share important information, undertaking damage assessments and supporting other residents following a major weather event.

Do you have a specialised skill that the NSW SES could use? We’re also forming Community Action Teams based on specific functions – such as information and communications technology, media and mapping.

Case Studies

The small town of Uki in Northern NSW can become isolated during periods of flooding. The local community has formed a Community Action Team and undertaken some basic training to ensure they can keep safe once the floodwaters cut access to the town.

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