What's it like to be a Volunteer?

Hero of the month!
Sandra Smail

Age: 58

Port Macquarie Hastings Unit

"I have family in the SES and their feedback persuaded me to join the service."

Our volunteers

Volunteering with the NSW State Emergency Service is an exciting and rewarding way to give back to your community. But don't take our word for it! Read some volunteer stories and decide for yourself. If you want to thank SES volunteers, the best day to get involved is on WOW day

  • Lyndsey Crammond
    City of Sydney Unit
    Volunteering Team and Retention Specialist
    "I wanted to do something for my community and a friend recommended the NSW SES."
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  • Tam Viet Hoang
    Bankstown Unit
    Team Member and Australian Volunteer for International Development
    "Having a sense of purpose and being part of a bigger family committed to helping others is probably what brings me the greatest joy."
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  • Zakia Patel
    Queanbeyan Unit
    I am currently the Deputy Local Controller of Operations in our unit
    "As soon as I walked in and saw the first display, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. I signed up for an interview to be a new recruit. I've loved volunteering for NSW SES ever since."
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  • Michelle C
    Kogarah Unit
    Deputy Team Leader Media Liaison Officer
    'I have a background in graphic design and event management and it has been refreshing to bring those skills to the unit'
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  • Tom Nicholls
    Shellharbour City Unit
    Operations and Community Engagement Coordinator
    "Joined SES at Shellharbour City Unit in 2013 when I was 18 and haven't looked back since!"
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  • Steve Cliffe
    Wollongong City Unit
    Local Controller and NSW SES Vertical Rescue Capability Development Group Chair
    "It's really rewarding to be able to help out people in need of our assistance."
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  • Cassandra Cowell
    Orange City Unit
    Team Member- Allrounder. There's nothing I've come up against that we haven't been able to tackle.
    "Previously being a model and graphic designer, I'm an example of people volunteering from all walks of life."
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  • Tim Keown
    Albury Unit
    Community Engagement Officer
    'I grew up in a rural area where everyone in the community had to help each other, especially in hard times. '
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  • Parryn Sellings-Bibby
    Coffs Harbour City Unit
    Meet Parryn Sellings-Bibby an 18 year old volunteer from the NSW SES Coffs Harbour Unit who as well as volunteering for her local SES, is also undertaking her first year of University studying a Bachelor of Nursing Degree.
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  • Paul Burg
    Camden Haven Unit
    A/local controller of the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA
    'I enjoy teaching people, especially newer members skills that will allow them to help someone else or rescue someone in a critical situation and that's what it's all about.'
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  • Kaamilah Kim Barbara Davids
    Campbelltown Unit
    Deputy Team Leader
    "I have been a member for almost 9 years and feel at home."
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  • Owen Pacewicz
    Wollongong City Unit
    Volunteering with SES
    My name is Owen Pacewicz and I am a volunteer with the Wollongong City NSW SES Unit.
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  • Stacey Dengate
    Coniston Unit
    Deputy Team Leader
    I have recently finished my nursing course and is now an Enrolled Nurse. SES is one reason why I decided to go into Nursing. I love helping and supporting people in the time of need. My role within the SES is a Deputy Team Leader.
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  • Daniel Mowbray

    Communication Officer, State Headquarters
    My name is Dan, 27 years old and have been a part of the NSW SES for about 7 years.
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  • Katie Moulton
    Parramatta Unit
    Community Engagement Coordinator & Media Officer
    I volunteered for 4 years at the Parramatta unit. I enjoyed my time at the NSW SES so much that I have pursued a career with NSW SES in the Sydney Western Region office as the Community Engagement Coordinator.
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  • Sandra Smail
    Port Macquarie Hastings Unit
    Operations Officer
    "I have family in the SES and their feedback persuaded me to join the service."
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  • Katrina Frankish
    Hornsby Unit
    Media Officer
    "I am the newly appointed Media Liasion Officer at the Hornsby Unit. My role includes maintaining the Hornsby SES Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page to keep the public up to date and informed."
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  • Evelyn Lester
    The Hills Unit
    Local Controller
    I hold a volunteer position as Local Controller for the NSW SES, The Hills Unit.
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