Prepare Your Home And Business

Preparing your home or business for tsunami is about making sure your emergency plans are up to date and you know the evacuation areas where you live, work and also where you travel to.

If you have children, it is about knowing that their school has emergency plans to deal with the possibility of tsunami.

Being aware of the possibility of tsunami means that you know the natural signs and the official warning products that will warn you of a possible tsunami. You also know the types of tsunami that can affect the coast. 

In your emergency plans, you have identified what needs to be taken with you in an emergency kit if you need to evacuate and you know where to go.

Know your tsunami warnings

Know your Warnings

You should know the warning types, warning signs, and the official warning channels that may be used, to indicate a tsunami is approaching.

  • For information on how you might receive official Tsunami Warnings, click here
  • For the natural warning signs of tsunami, click here

Know where to go

NSW SES have developed Tsunami Evacuation Area Maps for coastal locations of NSW. These maps are of evacuation zones from the coast and are NOT inundation areas. You can use these maps to assist you plan for possible tsunami.

  • Find the safest route to travel in the event that you might need to evacuate and identify the point at which your evacuation route may be cut
  • In many locations, it is likely that you will need to evacuate by foot due to congestion on roads
  • Find out where any evacuation centres could be set up in your area. If you prefer, check with friends and relatives outside the affected area to organise a place to go

Know who to call

  • For emergency help in tsunami, call the NSW SES on 132 500
  • Keep local emergency numbers handy (in your phone or wallet)
  • In a life‐threatening emergency, call 000 (triple zero)

Know your plan

To help households and businesses plan for tsunami, the NSW SES has developed a Home Emergency Plan. It is available free of charge at the link below:

  • Create your Home Emergency Plan here
  • Review your plan annually to keep it up‐to‐date

Get your kit together

  • Put together an emergency kit for your home or business

Find out what to put in your Emergency Kit here

Be aware and find out ways you may hear about tsunami

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