Flood Rescue Operator

NSW SES flood rescue operators assist during floods with evacuation of residents and rescue of people and animals from floodwaters. Flood rescue operators are highly trained and use a range of techniques including flood boats and rope work.


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Volunteering type

Protect people, property and animals from floodwaters

Fitness Requirements

A high level of fitness is required. Members are be required to undertake a swim test and a fitness test for this role.

Time Requirements

Several days of training are required as well as ongoing professional development. Members are required to travel to Sydney for swift water rescue training for this role.

Skills requirements

  • Induction
  • Fundamentals
  • First Aid
  • FRA
  • OCE
  • Traffic Safety
  • Fit for task
  • SWD Ground
  • DOV (preferred)
  • Swiftwater Level 1
  • RMS Boat License (Flood Rescue Operator – Level 2)
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (Level 3)

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