Community Capability Volunteer

Community engagement is an important function of the NSW SES. Having a community that is prepared for floods and storms or other emergencies, can assist in reducing the loss of property, stock and even lives. Ultimately, community engagement builds resilience to these events within communities.


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Volunteering type

Work with local community groups, stakeholders, influencers and other organisations to build relationships and networks.

Community Capability also raises awareness and knowledge of risks so communities can prepare, respond and recover better and build resilience.

Fitness Requirements

This role may involve both office and field work. A minimum level of fitness is required for field work.

Time Requirements

Initial training involves an online training course and then further pathways in community engagement techniques and/or planning for community engagement.

The majority of this work is building community preparedness awareness, knowledge and behaviour before flood, storm and tsunami impacts the community.

Skills requirements

The following training pathway is required:

  • Introduction to Community Engagement
  • Options to further community engagement pathways in techniques and planning roles

Unit locations with this capability

Available at all units. Trained members with media experience are often deployed to assist with operations in other parts of NSW.

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