Record Floods

Floods of record at the following rivers (and gauges) include:

Edward River

October 2000
Gauge: Stevens Weir
Peak Height: m

November 1870
Gauge: Deniliquin
Peak Height: 9.68m

Murray River

November 1996
Gauge: Euston Weir
Peak Height: 49.90m

September 1993
Gauge: Jingellic
Peak Height: m

September 1984
Gauge: Swan Hill
Peak Height: 6.07m

October 1975
Gauge: Yarrawonga Weir D/s
Peak Height: 8.31m

August 1956
Gauge: Wakool Junction
Peak Height: 11.89m

November 1975
Gauge: Boundary Bend
Peak Height: 9.02m

September 1939
Gauge: Barham
Peak Height: 6.23m

October 1917
Gauge: Corowa
Peak Height: 8.86m

October 1870
Gauge: Albury
Peak Height: 5.89m

November 1870
Gauge: Echuca
Peak Height: 96.42m

Murrumbidgee River

December 1952
Gauge: Balranald (town)
Peak Height: 7.92m

Darling River

September 1956
Gauge: Burtundy
Peak Height: 9.60m


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