Look Out For Each Other

Contact neighbours, friends and family when flooding is imminent

Contacting your friends, neighbours and family when flooding is imminent, will help:

  • ensure that everybody understands one another's intended actions
  • allows people to assist one another where necessary
  • allows people to share and confirm warnings and information about the flood situation
  • it also provides you (and them) with a bit of support and reassurance 

Move people and animals when flooding is imminent

  • When flooding is imminent, move people in your care to higher ground. Be aware that people in your care may take longer to move due to: their unique needs eg. mobility constraints; or their location eg. children at school.
  • Ensure you take essential supplies for the people in your care including items such as medication, food, water, warm clothing, footwear, nappies and other assistance devices.
  • Move larger animals and livestock to high ground. Ensure they have sufficient feed and fresh water to last until floodwaters subside.
  • Consider taking manageable pets with you when you evacuate. Ensure you bring sufficient supplies including feed and a leash or cage.
  • Remember to move any animals you may own or have responsibility for that are kept away from your property.
  • Never enter floodwater. If it’s flooded, forget it.

Learn more about what you can do after a flood

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