School Resources

School education programs can help students, teachers and parents to:

  • prepare and plan for;
  • safely respond to and
  • recover quickly from these natural disasters.

NSW SES can support the delivery of school education programs by either:

a) visiting schools (where time and resources permit) or
b) providing age-appropriate resources and lesson plans to teachers and parents

This enables students, teachers and parents to:

  • Learn more about the risks posed by floods, storms, tsunami and other emergencies
  • Discuss the key roles that NSW SES and the community play in disasters
  • Understand how to better prepare your home, family, pets and school
  • Learn the safest actions to take if a disaster affects you.

We have developed a number of programs including:

Learn more on how you and your family can prepare for FloodStorm and Tsunami emergencies.

Goulburn & Marulan
Australia Day - Goulburn
Australia Day - Goulburn Sunday 26/01/2020 07:00 AM to 26/01/2020 08:00 PM
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