NSW Heatwave

18/01/2019 09:04 AM

Current situation

NSW is currently in a heatwave with many districts experiencing Severe conditions, and some areas seeing Extreme conditions. The passage of a weak trough today (Friday) is expected to bring some relief to southeastern parts though low-intensity heatwave conditions will persist across much of the state with severe conditions in the north into the weekend.

Conditions have been oppressive in many areas, with little relief as very hot days are followed by warm nights.

Over inland NSW, the most recent event this one is comparable to (for intensity and longevity) is the Heatwave of January 1939.

The heat in coastal areas is being tempered by sea breezes, although higher humidity in these parts is making for sticky weather. The most recent comparable heatwave event to compare coastal areas to is January 2011 event.

Overnight temperatures are also unusually warm, remaining 8-12°C above average over large parts of the inland.

Weather conditions moving forward

Thunderstorms are possible over a broad region of the state, with severe storms possible for southeastern parts (damaging wind gusts). In the west little (if any) rain is expected to reach the ground from thunderstorms.

This weather pattern should start to break down at the end of the week, as a gusty cooler change moves into the southwest later on Friday, continuing through central areas (including Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney and Newcastle) early Saturday morning and then through most of the northeast by Sunday. To prepare for gusty conditions, secure loose items around the home that could blow away in strong winds. This includes trampolines and play equipment.

Hot conditions are expected to return over inland NSW by early next week with most of the inland seeing above 40 degree days by Wednesday.

How you can prepare

It's heating up across the state and during extreme heat you're at risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Chronic health conditions may also become worse. Stay cool and hydrated over the coming days with these simple steps:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Keep cool
  3. Take care of others
  4. Have a plan

How you can prepare for heat.

Remember your pets and livestock during this extreme heat and ensure you provide them with plenty water and shade. 

Learn more about how you can prepare for storms.

To view current weather forecasts, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website

For more information on how to prepare for extreme heat, visit the NSW Health website

Learn more about heat stress and animals, visit the RSPCA NSW website

For emergency help in flood, storm and tsunami emergencies call the NSW SES on 132 500.

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