Sydney East Day Unit- Information Day

Do you want to help people when they need it the most? Have you got some spare time? Are you available during business hours? The NSW State Emergency Service is looking for volunteers to join the Sydney East Day Unit; a support unit in Sydney that provides both field and operations support for for other units in Sydney during the day. The training times are quite flexible and operations are usually on an "on- call" basis. No prior knowledge or skills are required to join. Don?t miss out on helping your Community! there are many roles in the NSW SES that volunteers can choose to do including: flood and storm response operations storm and water damage operations specialist search and rescue (flood, land etc.) Incident Management, administration and planning communication and logistics media, community engagement and Public Relations on top of many other roles. Regardless of your background knowledge, abilities or interests, the NSW SES has something for everyone. We will be hosting an information day for our October intake, where we will talk about the many roles members can partake in, as well as what kind of training new volunteers will be doing.This event is non obligatory so even if you are unsure, you are still more than welcome to attend.


Event type

Recruitment Drive


24/10/18 10:30 to 24/10/18 13:00


Marrickville Unit