Triple Zero Kids' Challenge



The Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge interactive platform, provides young children with valuable life-saving knowledge and skills. Children from Kindergarten to Year 2 will meet a variety of curriculum-linked learning outcomes through online game play, mystery quests and school-based learning activities.

Children learn about the key risks from flood, storm and tsunami, and practice making decisions and taking actions that will keep themselves and their families safe.

There are Lesson Plans included in a Teacher Resource which accompanies all three modules.

Some of the gameplay safety learning include:

  • What to pack into your emergency kit
  • Where to find warnings about emergencies
  • Bringing items inside from around your yard
  • Dangers that lurk in floodwater
  • The natural signs of tsunami

Many examples, from both Australia and overseas, have shown that children as young as four years old, have played a pivotal role in saving lives and property by knowing what to do in emergency situations.



"I really liked learning about Tilly's story" - Student

"The lesson plans were very easy to follow and the students were very engaged with the variety of content offered" - Teacher

"The teachers and students raved about how much fun they had" - Principal


Download the App by searching for 'Triple Zero Kids Challenge' in your relevant App Store.


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