Interpreting flood levels

Ways you may be informed

The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) issues Flood Warnings to the media who then inform people about what is expected to happen during flooding. Radio stations are asked to read and repeat these Flood Warnings.

The NSW SES will also post information on flooding in the News section of the NSW SES website as well as on the NSW SES Facebook site. If you are a member of Facebook, please 'like' the NSW SES Facebook page to receive current flood information, updates and advice.

Other ways you may be informed of possible flooding is via:

  • a door knock by emergency services,
  • word of mouth, or
  • the NSW SES may issue an Emergency Alert. An Emergency Alert is a message that is sent to your land line or mobile phone as a voice or text message
  • TV, radio and other media

The NSW SES advises people to always follow instructions given by the emergency services and to make sure neighbours, family and friends are aware of possible flooding.

It is also important for people living in areas which are prone to flooding to be proactive in sourcing information about potential floods. Talk to your local Council about local information and what services will be available during floods, monitor the Bureau of Meteorology website and keep informed through other websites, the media and family and friends.

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