Community First Responder

In some rural areas of NSW, the SES provides Community First Responder (CFR) services. This includes providing first aid at an advanced level until professional first aid arrives.

This role requires volunteers to be specially trained for these situations.

Some of the activities associated with this role include:

  • Providing advanced first aid at road accidents and other emergencies in areas where there is no ambulance service close by
  • Leading a team of community first responders
  • Working with Police, Ambulance and other emergency services on scene

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Volunteering type

The training is provided by NSW Ambulance and includes extended first aid skills such as defibrillation and oxygen therapy.

Fitness Requirements

This role involves field work. A minimum level of fitness is required for field work.

Time Requirements

CFR volunteers are required to undertake their initial training and then maintain currency in their skills. Volunteers are placed on call and attendance will vary depending on frequency of calls for assistance. Community First Responder incidents may occur during the day or night, on weekends or during holiday periods. Members need to reside within the local area and be available at very short notice.

Skills requirements

  • Induction
  • Fundamentals
  • First Aid
  • FRA
  • OCE
  • Traffic Safety
  • Fit for task
  • Crim Check
  • WWC
  • Cert II Medical qualification

Unit locations with this capability

Our CFR units are located at:

  • Burraga
  • Sofala
  • Wooli-Yuraygir
  • Wingecarribee
  • Gooloogong
  • Goolgowi
  • Nundle
  • Tambar Springs
  • Deepwater
  • Bigga
  • Captains Flat
  • Windellama
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