Local Risk Information

For Schools

The NSW SES is committed to building resilience in floods in NSW communities. New program now available.

Winter Safety Tips for Residents and Travelers In the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains can be affected by a range of natural events that can disrupt the community. These events include strong winds from that generally occur from June until October, and summer storms from mid-November until the end of February.

What's your flood risk in the Hawkesbury-Nepean floodplain?

Find out how floods have affected your area and learn what you can do to prepare.

Recent Floods and Storms

You can learn a lot from the past. 

Read about the significant floods and storms that have happened in your area in recent years.

Record Floods

Here are the records of floods in your area.  They may help you understand the risk in your area.

They are listed for significant river systems with key warning gauges only. 

Local Road Information

Here are some handy links to Roads and Maritime Services and your local councils who manage road closures in your area. 

Local Rivers

A list of significant rivers in the Sydney Western Region of NSW and a handy link to river conditions and latest rainfall totals to help you self-assess the risk in your area.  

Things to consider if you live in an urban area

Urban areas, including metropolitan, suburbs and towns, can have specific storm risks including impacts of flash flooding. It is important to remember that storm water and floodwater in urban areas can be very dangerous.


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