Local Risk Information

Recent Floods and Storms

You can learn a lot from the past. 

Read about the significant floods and storms that have happened in your area in recent years.

Record Floods

Here are the records of floods in your area.  They may help you understand the risk in your area.

They are listed for significant river systems with key warning gauges only. 

Local Road Information

Here are some handy links to Roads and Maritime Services and your local councils who manage road closures in your area. 

Local Rivers

A list of significant rivers in the Murray Region of NSW and a link to river conditions and latest rainfall totals to help you self-assess the risk in your area.  

Things to consider if you live in a rural area

As a rural property owner or manager you may have experienced many storms.

The effects of storms on rural property owners can include losses to livestock, crops, fencing, buildings, personal items, farm equipment and machinery.

Local Emergency Contacts

Your Local Councils

Check with your local council for information about property-specific risks, local road closures and local planning approval guidelines.

Your Local NSW SES Units

NSW is divided into 17 Regions based on major river systems. Check here to see the local Units operating in your area.

Each Region Controller is responsible for the operational control of emergency flood and storm responses, including planning, training, operational support and other functions within their area of control.


Emergency Service Organisations

Contact details for Emergency Service Organisations in NSW

Local Radio Stations

Your local radio station can provide information and updates during emergencies that are specific to your local area

Other useful contacts

Some other useful contacts that may help you during and after disasters 

Local Plans and Guides

Flood Storm and Tsunami Guides

Download the FloodSafe, StormSafe and TsunamiSafe guides here to help you prepare for emergencies near you.

Flood Storm and Tsunami Plans

The NSW SES undertakes flood, storm and tsunami planning to determine how to best manage natural disasters.

Next steps toward recovery

In NSW, recovery following a disaster is managed by a range of organisations. The NSW SES has produced a recovery guide to help you take the next steps towards recovery from floods, storms and tsunami.



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