07/04/2024 06:30 AM

Incidents in last 24 hours (to 5am): 1877
Flood Rescues in last 24 hours (to 5am): 146


Emergency: 23
Watch and Act: 40
Advice: 45

Emergency Warnings:

  • Parts of Cumberland Reach – Evacuate now
  • Parts of Sacksville – Evacuate now
  • Gronos Point – Evacuate now
  • Parts of Ebenezer – Evacuate by Sat 6, 6pm
  • Parts of Sackville North – Evacuate by Sat 6, 5pm
  • Parts of Leets Vale – Evacuate by Sat 6, 5pm
  • Parts of Agnes Banks – Evacuate by Sun 7, 2am
  • Parts of Freemans Reach – Evacuate by Sun 7, 1am
  • Parts in North of Bligh Park – Evacuate by 7 April, 2am
  • Parts of Agnes Banks – Evacuate by Sun 7, 2am
  • Parts of western Richmond Lowlands – Evacuate by Sun 7, 12am
  • Parts of Sackville – Evacuate by Sat 6, 10:30pm

Riverine Flooding is continuing along the Hawkesbury Nepean River system, with major flooding at North Richmond. Windsor Bridge is currently open with steady river levels. It may close if there are further rises.

There are 1400 dwellings and more than 3600 people are under emergency warnings.

Evacuation Centres are open at Richmond Club, and Penrith Panthers. 

The NSW SES is commencing damage assessments in the Illawarra and Sydney Northern Beaches. Significant property damage has occurred in parts of the Illawarra, with 20 properties damaged and 6 non habitable. Some properties have had ceilings damaged after heavy rain.

From today, we will also start damage assessments west of Penrith, and then in other areas along the Hawkesbury Nepean as water subsides.

NSW SES crews will be conducting patrols of flood affected areas and welfare checks on isolated residents. If you need assistance with resupply, or to report damaged properties please contact the NSW SES on 132500.

Media enquiries: NSW SES Media 1800 067 234 or

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