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NSW SES volunteers’ work often extends beyond responding to floods, storms, and tsunamis and their actions and efforts are a powerful inspiration to the communities they serve.  

Griffith SES Unit Commander, Susie Skof is a superb example of being a strong inspiration to others. 

Susie is the first female to be appointed to the position. It is a role that she cherishes and one that she knows has the potential to inspire others. 

“The Griffith Unit was established in the 1970's. This makes me the first female Unit Commander in nearly 50 years of the SES providing assistance to the Griffith community,” she said.  

I am extremely passionate about women in leadership, particularly in male dominated industries. In becoming the first female Unit Commander for Griffith Unit, I'm able to advocate and promote for women’s involvement in leadership positions by inspiring others to pursue leaderships roles regardless of gender.”  

It has also been a privilege to be able to lead by example, showing that gender should not be a barrier to leadership but rather a diversity of perspectives that enriches decision-making and strengthens the team. I hope I'm able to contribute to a positive precedent for future generations of leaders within the NSW SES.” 

Susie has been a volunteer with the NSW SES for two years and has always had a strong desire to serve the community and help others in times of need. 

Susie has brought significant experience working in large emergencies including the 2019/20 bushfires and Lismore flood to her volunteering at the NSW SES 

Through my work in disaster welfare with the Department of Communities and Justice, I became passionate about making a positive impact during emergencies and natural disasters, which prompted me to look at ways I could support my community on a more regular basis outside of the Disaster Welfare Team with DCJ.” 

Susie doesn’t need much more motivation to volunteer. She gets a deep sense of fulfillment from helping others.  

Knowing my efforts and the efforts of all volunteers directly contribute to the safety and well-being of others during emergencies and natural disasters serves as a powerful motivator,” she said. 

Volunteering with the NSW SES offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in your community during times of need. Your commitment to service will not only provide invaluable support to others but will also allow you to develop new skills, forge lasting friendships and experience the satisfaction of giving back.  

Susie strongly encourages people to think about a role with the NSW SES. 

You can find out more about becoming a NSW SES volunteer here:

Media enquiries: or call 1800 067 234.

Tweed Coast Unit - 6 Centennial Drive Pottsville NSW
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