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  • NSW SES have a small number of volunteers and resources who are stretched to capacity during large events such as cyclone Debbie in March 2017.


  • Our SES volunteers are unpaid members of our community just like you and me.


  • In large events, the SES can’t get to everyone who needs help. You need to be prepared and have a plan to look after yourself, your family and your community.


  • Another severe weather event will happen! So let’s GET READY TOGETHER!

Your local SES would like to partner with you to help you to develop your own Emergency Plan so you are better prepared for the next event. We have Emergency Plan templates available for both Home and Business.

We also work with communities, small villages and even streets or neighbourhood groups to help you develop your own Community Action Plan.  These plans provide steps and guidelines to help your community prepare and respond to a flood or storm event. NSW SES also provide training, insurance and equipment to these groups if they sign up as a Community Action Team.

For further information about the Home or Business Emergency Plans, Community Action Teams and Community Action Plans please call Janet or Paul on 6625 7700.

Remember we are all in this TOGETHER!

Learn more about volunteering with NSW SES

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