Parryn Sellings-Bibby


Coffs Harbour City Unit

Meet Parryn Sellings-Bibby an 18 year old volunteer from the NSW SES Coffs Harbour Unit who as well as volunteering for her local SES, is also undertaking her first year of University studying a Bachelor of Nursing Degree.

What is your role and how long have you been with the NSW SES?

I am a Deputy Team Leader at the NSW SES Coffs Harbour Unit and I have been volunteering in the NSW SES for the past 2 and a half years since enrolling when I was at the age of 16 years old.

Why do you love volunteering for the NSW SES?

I love being a NSW SES volunteer because I have always wanted to help the community and the best way I found to help the community at a time in need was to volunteer for the SES and I'm a very outdoorsy type of person and I love to get down and dirty and get the job done.

As a young person why did you decide to volunteer with the NSW SES?

I have always wanted to help out our community in any way I could, I also got involved as my older brother is also a NSW SES volunteer who had come to my high school and trained us in the two week training course known as the SES Cadet Program to see if it was for me or not and I absolutely love it.

What types of opportunities are there for young NSW SES volunteers?

As a young member of the NSW SES, I have found that you can achieve many things such as pride in helping our community, achieving work related skills for employment opportunities, gaining certificates of accreditation in SES training courses such as Storm and Water, Flood Rescue and Road Crash Rescue training.

I know of many SES volunteers who have carried on training they have learns in the SES into permanent positions in the workforce.

Have you been involved in responding to any major weather events?

Yes I have responded to many major weather events, recently was the flooding of the Coffs Harbour area where we rescued people out of cars whom drove into flood waters, tarped roofs and sandbagged around houses to prevent flooding.

How do you balance your social life, work and study commitments with volunteering?

I'm lucky as everything I do is very flexible and it fits into my weekly routine, University is within school hours, SES training is only Tuesday nights and my employer is pretty flexible with my volunteering and studying commitments which I am very grateful for.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had during your time with the NSW SES?

A couple of memorable moment within the SES is not only meeting the members within our unit in Coffs Harbour but also meeting other members within other units around the State.

Another highlight with my experience within the SES is becoming a Youth Mentor for the new program which myself and a few other young members have inter grated with in the NSW SES and I also became a Deputy Team Leader and have done a leadership course.  Through my training I have followed in my big brothers footsteps by visiting my younger brother’s high school as Part of the NSW SES Cadet Program and he has also now joined the class of 2017.  I also happened to be a finalist in the NSW SES Youth Volunteer of the Year for last year, unfortunately I was unsuccessful but thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

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