Chris Hovey


Bellingen Unit

'The NSW SES has given me the opportunity to help my local Community while giving me so much personally in return.'

What do you do as a NSW SES volunteer?

I’m a Team Leader at Bellingen Unit which sees me undertake a wide range of tasks. When we are non-operational, I enjoy attending our Unit meeting whenever I can, delivering training and keeping in touch with the many friends I have made at our Unit.

When we are operational, my role sees me performing a wide array of tasks. Over the years I have; repaired leaking roofs, transported people and equipment by road and helicopter, answered calls from the public and engaged with the community about the flood risks in our area.

I also really enjoy attending the many professional development courses on offer and learning to do things which I never thought possible.

Why did you join the NSW SES?

I joined the NSW SES in 2006 as a Learning and Development Officer in the Hunter Region. When I moved to Bellingen in 2009 and I wanted to continue my involvement so I joined the local Unit as a Volunteer.

My neighbour was the Controller of the Unit and after a chat over the fence, I was back on the books. The NSW SES has given me the opportunity to help my local Community while giving me so much personally in return.

Describe the personal benefits you get from being an NSW SES volunteer?

As a parent it is very important for me to be a positive role model for my two sons and to live the values that I am teaching them. I am proud when they tell people ‘my Mum looks after our Community’ and when they want to get out there and help people too. This is probably the most personal benefit I get, but there are certainly many more.

I have learned so many things (tarping roofs, searching bushland, managing emergency operations), done so many things (flying around in helicopters, hiking the mountains of Canberra in winter, driving huge flood boats) and made so many friends from across the State.

I am more confident, have more skills and enjoy my life more as a result of my volunteering.

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