Intellectual impairment

Many people across NSW are affected by dangerous floods and there have been avoidable deaths due to flooding. The protection of life is the highest priority for the NSW SES when we make decisions about planning for floods.

People with an intellectual disability can be more susceptible to the impacts of floods. It is important to care for and assist all people to be prepared for, respond to and recover from floods.

Identifying a support person or carer who can assist with planning for and response to floods can greatly increase the resilience of people with an intellectual impairment to recover faster from flood events.

If you care for a person with an intellectual disability they may need assistance in planning for floods as well as putting that plan into action in times of flood.

  • Identify a support person or carer who can assist in planning for floods and people who can assist during flood events.
  • Utilise a care or support person to develop a FloodSafe Plan that suits your situation

FloodSafe information on what to do before, during and after a flood is relevant for people with an intellectual impairment. A support person can run through the advice and tips for these areas with the person and assist in preparing, responding and recovering from floods.

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