Know Your Risk

Never enter floodwater. If it’s flooded, forget it.

The major cause of death during floods is from people entering or travelling through floodwater. This includes driving, riding and walking through floodwater and children playing in floodwater.

  • Floodwater may be deeper or faster flowing than it appears and contain hidden snags or debris.
  • Floodwater may contain chemicals, raw sewage, snakes, spiders and much more that could cause illness and even death.
  • Roads and surfaces underneath floodwater often wash away, and may not be visible from the surface

Go to high ground when flooding is imminent

If your area is at risk, go to high ground away from flooded areas.

  • Stay with family or friends.
  • Evacuation Centres may be set up if an Evacuate Now - Emergency Warning is issued.
  • Choose the safest route to travel where roads along the route are open.
  • Roads may become congested or close, ensure you leave enough time to travel safely.

Know who to call

  • In life threatening situations call 000 (Triple Zero)
  • For emergency help in floods call the NSW SES on 132 500. 

Some reasons you might call the NSW SES in a flood include: rescue if trapped by floodwaters; assistance when floodwater is threatening your property, or; resupply of essential supplies if your property is isolated.

  • Contact your local council for local road closures
  • Contact RMS for major road closures
  • Contact utility companies for essential services.

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