How will I receive a warning?

How could I receive an official warning?

Tsunami Watches, Warnings, No Threat Bulletins and Tsunami Watch or Warning Cancellations can be issued in a number of different ways.  Warnings may not always be issued using all of these methods.

You should always act early based on the first warning you hear. 

The sources of tsunami warning could include:

Radio and television broadcast.

 Radio and television broadcasts are the most common communication tool to inform the public of a Tsunami Watch or Warning. These may be preceded by the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS).

Tsunami Warning Siren.

If you are on or near a public beach, a siren like warning may be activated by Surf Life Saving NSW or council lifeguards. People in the water, or the immediate foreshore area may be instructed to evacuate and move away from the area.

A text or recorded message on your phone

A text or recorded voice message may be sent to people in the affected area. Once this message has been received, it is then advised that people follow the steps to safety. People should not wait for this message if they have heard it via other sources.

Low flying aircraft equipped with public address systems.

Aircraft with the ability to fly lower than normal may be tasked to disseminate warnings. This would be coordinated by the NSW SES.

Advice may come from other government agencies, emergency services and authorised persons 

While the JATWC are the authoritative agency for Tsunami Warnings, local authorities and other government agencies can be a way of issuing advice on tsunami. You should also continue to listen to the radio for further advice and do not return to the evacuation zones until authorities have given the all-clear.


Two-way radio / Marine Satellite Phone

UHF CB, marine VHF radios and where appropriate marine satellite phones may also be used to advise marine users of any warnings.


All warnings issued by the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre will be placed on the Bureau of Meteorology website. Tsunami Warnings will also appear on theNSW SESwebsite.

Social Media 

Warnings issued by the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre will also be shared via NSW SES social media including Facebook and Twitter.  Other agencies and local community organisations may also share warnings with their audience as well.

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