NSW SES Launches Disaster Awareness Survey for Southern and South-Western Sydney

15/02/2021 10:03 AM

Sydneysiders, if you live, work or visit the Local Government Areas (LGA) of Sutherland, Bayside, Liverpool, Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, Georges River and/or Campbelltown, then the NSW SES wants to hear from you through the Disaster Awareness Survey. 

The survey is about your awareness of natural disasters (or hazards) in these LGAs. We will be asking you to provide your email address for a follow-up survey in three months. You can still complete the survey anonymously, but you will not be included in the follow-up survey. Anyone can complete the survey, but if you are under 18, you will need to provide a parent or carer’s email for permission for you to participate. 

The survey will take less than five minutes. Please complete the survey by clicking the link below: 


The survey is part of a wider awareness campaign about natural disasters and the risks you face in your local area. Your responses will help measure how effective the campaign is.

Data from the survey will help NSW SES volunteers in your area plan how to work with your communities to plan, prepare, respond and recover better from disasters that impact you. The survey will provide information on:

  • How aware NSW communities are about the types of risk, disasters and hazards they are likely to experience
  • Differences in awareness that might exist among certain locations

 The survey results can be used to:

  • Tailor NSW SES programs to better meet the needs of communities
  • Map communities or regions according to their level of awareness, especially in more diverse communities
  • Develop and deliver strategies to improve resilience

Thank you for your time and responses. The NSW SES are keen to hear from communities about how to build awareness, preparedness and resilience to natural disasters. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): https://sforce.co/3rLHzR2

NSW SES Privacy Statement: https://sforce.co/3rQCO8V

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