Communities urged to stay vigilant ahead of severe weather

25/02/2021 02:42 PM

With the prospect of severe weather for much of the state over the next few days, NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is asking all communities to be prepared.

With the Bureau of Meteorology advising of potential severe weather for much of the state over the next few days, NSW SES Assistant Commissioner Dean Storey said communities should take every opportunity before the severe weather hits to be prepared.

“We saw intense weather hit pockets of the north and western parts of the state, last night, including Tamworth and Coffs Harbour,” Mr Storey said.

“This is the type of weather we will potentially continue to see for the rest of storm season.

“Please make sure you are prepared in case we get heavy rain, storms and flash flooding.

“It is also important that you move your cars away from trees and powerlines, clear your front and backyards of loose items, and check your gutters and down pipes for blockages.”

Mr Storey also stressed the importance of people driving to the conditions of the road during storms and checking Live Traffic for updates.

“This includes never driving, walking or riding through floodwater,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter how experienced a driver thinks they are, or if they think their car is capable – do not attempt to cross it.”

Image: NSW SES Coffs Harbour


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