The role of NSW SES in road crash rescue

22/01/2020 09:56 AM

NSW SES is predominantly known as the State’s lead agency for flood, storms and tsunami, but they are also the second largest provider of road crash rescues. In 2019 the Service responded to more than 614 road crash rescue jobs - some of those were in a support capacity for other agencies such as Fire and Rescue NSW or the NSW Police Force, but many involved NSW SES members attending the scene as the primary agency.

In some areas our members are the first responders to road crashes and it is vital work that can so often be a matter of life and death for the victims. This role is challenging and rewarding, and the skills and resilience of our road crash rescue volunteers is exceptional.

It’s important to ensure that those involved in this type of work have access to appropriate debriefing and support. The NSW SES offers chaplaincy, counselling or other support services to all of our members and we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of those services – because you can’t help others if you don’t look after themselves.

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Peer Support and Chaplaincy

For 24 hour assistance for Peer Support and Chaplaincy call please call: 1800 626 800

For more information please contact the Peer Support team at 

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