South Coast warned of potentially damaging storm activity

10/07/2020 07:31 PM

Over the next few days, the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a large storm to roll across southeast Australia. As a result, the South Coast could potentially experience heavy rain, road and riverine flooding as well as damaging winds and large seas between Sunday and Wednesday next week.

NSW SES Commissioner Carlene York is asking residents to prepare themselves now.

“The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast potential river rises or flooding between the Hunter and Bega, so it’s important to know if you’re in a flood-prone area,” said Commissioner York.

“Plan now for what you will do, including how you might care for your pets.”

Getting your property ready now can reduce the damage caused by floods and storms. Prepare sandbags early to help divert water when flash flooding affects your property, clean your gutters and downpipes, check your roof is in good repair, and secure or put away loose items.

 Commissioner York also stressed how important it is to never drive, walk or ride through floodwater.

“If we do get some flash or riverine flooding, please never enter floodwater. It’s dangerous and is filled with debris, bacteria and much more that could cause illness and injury. Roads and surfaces could wash away and may not be seen from the surface. Please make safe decisions.”


A reminder that preparing now can help reduce damage caused by severe storms and reduce the burden of repair bills. For information on how you can prepare now, visit Prepare Your Home

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