NSW SES will be celebrating International Women’s Day

05/03/2020 11:13 AM

As a female leader in a male-dominated area, NSW SES Hornsby Unit member Ingrid Harms understands the importance of an event like International Women’s Day (IWD).

“It’s an important opportunity to recognise the work that women do in the NSW SES – particularly because it is a male-dominated field,” Ingrid said.

“The chance to recognise women in positions of leadership can be a way of empowering others to get out there and try the same things that we are doing and to realise they don’t have limitations.”

In her team leader role working with new members through onboarding and training, Ingrid provides many new recruits with their first impression of the organisation.

She said she takes that responsibility seriously, but also tries to share the message that the organisation also has a strong foundation in friendship and fun.

“I try to show them that even though workwise they may be just one person, what they do does contribute to a larger organisation,” Ingrid said.

“I also like them to know that even though it may seem serious, it’s like a big family and everyone likes to have a good laugh once the work is done." 

"It’s about more than just giving back to the community – you are building and fostering relationships with the other people in your team that will probably last a lifetime.”

Speaking of female mentors that have inspired her throughout her life, Ingrid nominates her mum as a key influence.

“My mum has always worked really hard,” she said.

“But even though she worked throughout our childhood, she also made time to connect with us – and she showed how it’s possible to have that work/life balance.”

Pictured are Jenny Nott, Maddie Croft and Ingrid Harms

Pictured are Jenny Nott, Maddie Croft and Ingrid Harms, getting into the spirit of International Women’s Day 2020.

To Celebrate International Women’s Day, NSW SES be holding an ‘Each for Equal’ Lead & Learn session for our members, where a panel of NSW SES volunteers will share reflections on their personal and professional journeys challenging stereotypes, fighting bias and broadening perceptions. 

Diversity Council Australia speaker, Zach Ghirardello, will also present ‘A Partnership Approach to Engaging Men and Women in Championing Gender Equality’.

International Women's Day

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