Inspire Other Animal Lovers to Get Ready for Emergencies.

16/09/2020 12:11 PM

Have you got a story to share about you and your animals in emergencies?

We are looking for animal owners in NSW who have stories to share about why we need to plan for our animals in emergencies.

We are looking for stories about regular animal owners on:

  • Why you made a plan?
  • Have you had to use your plan in a bushfire, flood or storm?
  • Have you wished you had a plan and saw firsthand what happens when you didn’t?
  • Have you had to escape/evacuate with your animals due to an emergency?

Sharing your story could help other animal owners get prepared and keep their animals safe.

If you are interested, apply by downloading the form below, fill out and email completed form to ( before Friday 30th October 2020.


Cat in flood

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