Tumbulgum flood risk project rewarded

07/06/2019 01:57 PM

A TWEED project that aims to manage the flood risks of a community on the banks of two rivers has won a national award.

The project, named Development and Implementation of a Flood Warning and Response Service for Tumbulgum, is the latest flood warning response plan that is being used by residents in the region.

The town is located on the Tweed and Rous Rivers and the new flood warning service enables the community to enact their own evacuation plans and leave the area before evacuation routes are impassable.

The project included a co-operative and risk-focused approach across all levels of government and the community.

The award for the flood plan, hosted by NRMA Insurance in partnership with Floodplain Management Australia, awarded the honour to the six parties involved in the projected. They were the Bureau of Meteorology, Tweed Shire Council, Tumbulgum Community Association, NSW SES and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

FMA executive officer Glenn Evans said the award celebrated the invaluable work individuals and organisations did to better prepare their community for floods.

"The recognition of this work is integral in inspiring others to do the same, to facilitate future opportunities to make our nation safer and more flood resilient,” he said.

Tumbulgum Community Association president Jenny Kidd said the award acknowledged the hard work many community members had done to ensure the safety of residents in the town.

"The Tumbulgum community was delighted to participate in the project,” she said.

"The information from the project has assisted in the development of our community plan and been shared with village residents to inform their decision-making in the next flood event.”

Tweed Shire Council's Danny Rose said the project was an example of the benefits of many groups being able to work towards a common goal.

"We are proud to have been part of this project which supports the residents of Tumbulgum and is a great example of agencies and the community working together,” he said.

This article was originally published by the Tweed Daily News and has been republished here with permission. The photo was taken by Richard Mamando. Please click on the original article here: https://bit.ly/2WkOrVj

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