Campbelltown Unit Volunteers Acknowledged for Service

15/02/2019 02:02 PM

Volunteers from the NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) Campbelltown Unit were recognised for their diligent service to their community at an awards ceremony.

NSW SES Commissioner Mark Smethurst presented awards to 10 volunteers from the NSW SES Campbelltown Unit, including a NSW SES Life Membership Award, National Medals and Long Service Awards.

In presenting the awards, Mr Smethurst thanked the volunteers for their outstanding work on behalf of the community.

“It is a great pleasure to be here tonight and to celebrate the achievements of the NSW SES Cambelltown Unit members, but most importantly those of John Dodd who is receiving a Life Membership Award,” said Mr Smethurst.  

“John has dedicated the last 43 years to volunteering with the NSW SES Campbelltown Unit. He has held many roles throughout the years’ including being the Unit Controller, Deputy Controller and Recue Officer to name a few.

“One of the strengths of the NSW SES is the great team spirit and friendships that develop and this sees volunteers staying with the service for many years, something which John exemplifies,” Mr Smethurst concluded.

NSW SES Metro Deputy Zone Commander, Allison Flaxman, also acknowledged the commitment to the Service of each of the volunteers who received awards today.

“Handing out special awards and National Medals such as these provide special acknowledgment to those volunteers whose accumulated wisdom and experience is irreplaceable,” said Ms Flaxman.

“These Awards, representing a combined total of 143 years’ service, recognise not only these volunteers’ commitment to the NSW SES, but also their dedication in looking after their local community,” Ms Flaxman said.  

The NSW SES Campbelltown Unit has definitely experienced a busy summer storm season so far with major storms impacting the Campbelltown area and widespread parts of Sydney from late last year and already into the new year.

John Dodd awarded NSW SES Life Membership

John Dodd awarded NSW SES Life Membership

Campbelltown Unit volunteers

Campbelltown Unit were recognised last night for their diligent service to their community at an awards ceremony.

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