Wind, Cold Temperatures and Snow the Theme for South East NSW this Week

07/05/2018 02:53 PM

At this stage south-eastern parts of NSW will bring a strong cold front from Thursday. According to the Bureau, a complex low pressure system is expected to form off eastern Vic by late Thursday, and linger in the area on Friday and into Saturday.

Temperatures may drop to around 10 degrees or more below average in parts of southeast NSW behind the front on Friday, which will feel especially cold after warmer than average weather for most of Autumn to date.

Snow to low-levels is expected from late Thursday and during Friday.

Winds may reach gale force with damaging gusts on Friday and Saturday over parts of the state, particularly about the ranges.

Frequent showers and possible isolated thunderstorms are expected in the southern and central inland, but rainfall is expected to be insufficient to cause flooding problems. Small hail is also possible.

Rural properties may need to look at other impacts which are storm related along with the generic information above such as:

  • Impacts on stock and the provision of appropriate shelter during cold weather and storms
  • Raising pumps and farm equipment if storms generate floods
  • Storm insurance
  • Farm supplies
  • Storing poisons and other farm items

To stay informed for all current NSW weather warnings visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.

It is important to consider your pets when planning for storms, read more about planning for Pets and Animals

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