Lower Macleay Community Action Team

30/01/2018 05:00 PM

The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) is inviting residents in Smithtown, Gladstone, Belmore River, Rainbow Reach, Summer Island, Kinchela and Jerseyville to join its newly formed Lower Macleay Community Action Team (CAT).

The aim of the community action team is to work with the NSW SES Gladstone Unit to improve the safety of Lower Macleay residents during floods, storms and tsunamis.

The community action team will assist the SES in the distribution of weather and warning information, provide information back to the SES about what is happening in the community during large events, take photos of flood and storm impacts, assist with emergency door knocks, help the SES with community education programs and provide input into SES emergency planning and arrangements.

The Lower Macleay Community Action Team is based on a new NSW SES volunteering program called Volunteering Reimagined. The new program recognises the need to provide people with flexible volunteering options so they can help their communities in times of need.

Interested people are invited to attend the first meeting of the Lower Macleay Community Action Team on Monday 5th February, starting at 4:00pm at the NSW SES Gladstone Unit in Darkwater Street in Gladstone.

At the meeting on Monday people interested in joining the community action team will be provided with training on local flood risks, severe weather warnings, how to prepare for emergencies and the role of the community action team, NSW SES and other emergency services.

NSW SES Mid North Coast Region Controller Tony Day said, “The community action team is an excellent opportunity for the NSW SES to tap into the many talents and abilities of Lower Macleay residents to improve the way the community prepares for, responds to and recovers from severe weather events such as the major flooding experienced on the Macleay back February 2013.”

Picture: Lower Macleay Community Action Team 

Names left to right: Brian McMahon, Brenda Smith, Sue Dixon, Warren Hancock, Renee Romeri, Henry Stumpp and John Simon.


For more information please contact Steve Lawrence or Tony Day on 6592 5800

For information about the Lower Macleay Community Action Team contact the NSW SES Mid North Coast Region on 6592 5800 or email mnr.admin@ses.nsw.gov.au

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