Flood Update Saturday Morning

24/03/2018 09:49 AM

What is happening:

Heavy rain has eased overnight. The Severe Weather Warning has been cancelled.

All rivers have now dropped below minor, although locally high river flows are persisting and causeways and low lying bridges may still be affected.

NSW SES volunteers, supported by the Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW and other agencies and local councils are continuing to support affected communities. There have been 10 flood rescues.

There are still several hundred isolated rural properties. Access should be restored over the next day or so as river levels fall.

What we are expecting:

Easing weather conditions with increasing sunshine is expected in the affected areas. This will assist with the finalisation by NSW SES of outstanding requests for assistance.

Low lying bridges and causeways may still be affected by high flows and drivers should not attempt to drive through floodwater in case bridges have been damaged or causeways washed out. Seek another, safer route.

Isolated properties should see access restored as water levels continue to fall.

Current Warnings:

There is a Minor Flood Warning for the Hastings River. http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/warnings/flood/hastingsriver.shtml

There are no other warnings.

Current Flood Warnings for NSW can be viewed in detail here: http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/warnings/

What the NSW SES is doing:

  • The NSW SES has received over 2,763 calls in the State Operations Centre resulting in 1,062 emergency responses, 42 of these overnight, with a substantial number of these around the Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas and the Mid-North Coast. There are 70 requests for assistance still remaining. It is expected that these will be addressed today.
  • Calls for help received were mostly leaking roofs and minor damage, with the worst affected areas around Newcastle, Maitland and the Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie areas.
  • Flood rescue technicians have been located at SES Units near known flash flood hotspots. SES volunteers in affected areas are on standby to assist as required.
  • NSW SES has been activated to 10 flood rescues. All persons are safe and well. Two of these rescues were of animals (horses and cows), the others, persons who had driven into floodwater. There were rescues of two persons by helicopter today, with one of a female farmer stranded on a flood island, and the other a 66yo male kayaker who was swept downstream. Both rescues were near Wingham with both persons safe and well.
  • The NSW SES has two helicopters on standby.
  • The NSW SES is monitoring isolated rural areas that might require resupply, and stands ready to assist if required.

What you can do:

  • Stay out of floodwater. Bridges and causeways might have been damaged or washed out, so do not use until floodwater has receded and checks have been made.
  • Check your property for damage, if it is an emergency call 132 500, otherwise call a contractor.

How to help:

  • You can help your community in future events as a spontaneous or full SES volunteer. It’s easy to register on the NSW SES website (Click the volunteer tab in the top right) and if we require your help you will be contacted.
  • You can also help by being prepared and helping friends and neighbours who might need assistance, especially the elderly or those with a disability.

Who to call:

  • If you require emergency help due to flooding call the NSW SES on 132 500.
  • Call 000 if it is a life-threatening emergency.
  • Listen to your local radio station for updates and advice.
  • For road closures go to https://www.livetraffic.com/desktop.html or call 131 701 or check your local Council’s website.


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