Severe Storm Update for NSW

09/01/2018 03:59 PM

The NSW SES is asking communities across the eastern half of the State to be ready for severe storms in coming days. These storms may have large hail, damaging wind gusts and be accompanied by heavy rain. A little preparation now can make a big difference when storms arrive, and make you safer and reduce potential damage to your home or business.

Take the time now to:

  • Clean gutters and downpipes
  • Check your roof is in good repair
  • Trim where safe overhanging trees and branches
  • Tie down or put away loose items in yards and balconies

When storms arrive bring children and pets indoors and park your car under cover, not under a tree. If there is damage to your property, stay clear of fallen power lines and damaged areas and call 132 500 for emergency assistance.

Overnight the NSW SES responded to 217 requests for emergency assistance after storms affected areas in the east of the State. The worst affected areas were around the western suburbs of Sydney with Blacktown having 51 jobs and being the suburb most affected. Most damage was trees and branches down as well as roof tiles torn from homes. SES volunteers have now attended to most of these calls after working into the early hours of the morning to undertake temporary repairs to properties affected by the storms.

This afternoon the town of Cootamundra has been impacted by a severe storm with NSW SES as well as Fire & Rescue NSW and the RFS providing assistance. At least ten properties have been affected. Severe storms are occurring in many areas of the State this afternoon and the NSW SES can be contacted on 132 500 if emergency assistance is required.

If it is a life-threatening emergency call 000 immediately.

Keep your family and pets indoors during a storm

Learn more about what you can do now to prepare for a storm

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