SES urges people to stay safe during flood clean up

06/04/2017 02:59 PM

Cleaning up after a flood can be as dangerous as the floodwaters themselves. Some of the hazards that have been found in the receding floodwater over the last few days have included; syringes, sewage, dead animals, broken glass and snakes.

The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) are urging people in flood-affected areas to stay safe as the clean-up continues.

NSW SES Incident Controller Greg Murphy said that of particular concern is the approaching school holidays and the risk of children entering floodwater.

Parents need to consider the dangers of flood affected areas. Making sure children are kept away from floodwater and avoid all unnecessary contact with mud and debris is important to ensure their safety and limit the spread of infection.

Soft toys or moulded plastic toys with air injection holes affected by floodwater should be discarded. Solid toys should be disinfected thoroughly before allowing children to play with them.

The message for those cleaning up in flood affected areas is to put safety first.

There are still large areas of the region affected by flood water and others that are now cleaning up after inundation. Our message remains the same – stay safe by staying out of floodwaters,” said Mr Murphy.

The most effective way of preventing infection is avoidance, but if contact is necessary, wearing strong gloves and sturdy shoes and avoiding contact of any open cuts or abrasions with floodwater.

Call “1300 066055” during business hours, or visit for a range of health and flood-related information.

For further information on what to do after a flood visit the SES website 



SES Media Contact - 66527700

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