Record Floods

Floods of record at the following rivers (and gauges) include:

Balonne Minor

January 2011
Gauge: Dirranbandi (balonne Minor) (q)
Peak Height: 5.34m

Narran River

January 2011
Gauge: New Angledool
Peak Height: 4.56m

Bogan River

April 1990
Gauge: Mudall
Peak Height: 3.95m

April 1990
Gauge: Neurie Plains
Peak Height: 2.92m

April 1990
Gauge: Nyngan
Peak Height: 5.23m

March 1978
Gauge: Dandaloo
Peak Height: 8.80m

February 1955
Gauge: Peak Hill
Peak Height: 6.55m

Bell River

August 1990
Gauge: Newrea (bell R)
Peak Height: 6.77m

March 1956
Gauge: Wellington (bell River)
Peak Height: 8.43m

Macquarie River

July 1984
Gauge: Carinda
Peak Height: 7.81m

February 1971
Gauge: Baroona
Peak Height: 14.00m

March 1956
Gauge: Geurie (wollombi)
Peak Height: 13.21m

February 1955
Gauge: Wellington Bridge
Peak Height: 14.66m

July 1920
Gauge: Narromine
Peak Height: 15.93m

September 1892
Gauge: Dubbo
Peak Height: 13.87m

February 1955
Gauge: Warren Town
Peak Height: 10.01m

Barwon River

February 1976
Gauge: Collarenebri
Peak Height: 8.89m

February 1976
Gauge: Mogil Mogil
Peak Height: 10.03m

April 1890
Gauge: Walgett
Peak Height: 13.84m

Namoi River

February 1971
Gauge: Goangra
Peak Height: 8.94m

Castlereagh River

February 1955
Gauge: Gilgandra
Peak Height: 10.06m

February 1955
Gauge: Mendooran
Peak Height: 10.06m

November 1950
Gauge: Coonamble
Peak Height: 5.71m

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