Record Floods

Floods of record at the following rivers (and gauges) include:

Balonne River

January 2011
Gauge: Surat
Peak Height: 12.30m
March 2010
Gauge: St George
Peak Height: 13.39m

February 2011
Gauge: Weilmoringle
Peak Height: 6.10m

Culgoa River

December 2009
Gauge: Kenebree
Peak Height: 7.50m

April 1890
Gauge: Brenda
Peak Height: 6.30m

Paroo River

April 1990
Gauge: Hungerford
Peak Height: 2.92m

May 1990
Gauge: Wanaaring
Peak Height: 4.88m

Warrego River

May 1990
Gauge: Fords Bridge Bywash
Peak Height: 3.21m

Bokhara River

February 1976
Gauge: Bokhara (goodwins)
Peak Height: 3.72m

April 1890
Gauge: Goodooga (bokhara)
Peak Height: 5.18m

Darling River

March 1976
Gauge: Bourke
Peak Height: 14.18m

March 1976
Gauge: Tilpa
Peak Height: 13.35m

April 1976
Gauge: Menindee Town (flood Gauge)
Peak Height: 10.47m

April 1976
Gauge: Wilcannia
Peak Height: 11.59m

April 1890
Gauge: Louth
Peak Height: 13.94m

Barwon River

January 1974
Gauge: Brewarrina
Peak Height: 10.68m

Warrego River

April 1956
Gauge: Enngonia
Peak Height: 3.05m

February 1956
Gauge: Barringun

Bogan River

March 1955
Gauge: Gongolgon

February 1955
Gauge: Mulgawarrina
Peak Height: 5.94m

Lachlan River

June 1952
Gauge: Euabalong
Peak Height: 7.52m

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