Mathew Wallis


Auburn Unit

'I feel immensely proud every time I don the orange uniform as I know that I’m helping others.'

What do you do as a NSW SES Volunteer?

I am the Planning Officer at the Auburn SES Unit. This involves the development of plans to prepare for floods and storms in our community. I am also an experienced field operator with skills in flood rescue, flood boat operations, chainsaw work, driving vehicles (including off-road), land search and much more. In more recent times I have become a Trainer and Assessor which allows me to pass on my knowledge to others in areas such as map reading and navigation, rescue operations and land search.

In my normal day job, I’m an Engineering Manager at a rubber manufacturing company.

Why did you join the NSW SES?

I joined the NSW SES almost 7 years ago because I wanted to volunteer some of my time to help the community. The NSW SES matched well with my skills and experience, and the types of training that SES members do was also appealing.

Describe the personal benefits you get from being an NSW SES Volunteer?

I enjoy working with other members in my Unit and also other SES members across the state. The SES is like an extended family and I have made great friendships with many people I would never have otherwise met. These days I also enjoy passing on what I have learnt to new volunteer members as both a trainer and assessor.

I feel immensely proud every time I don the orange uniform as I know that I’m helping others.

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4685 Wisemans Ferry Road, Spencer, NSW 2775
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