Dylan Whitelaw


Wingecarribee Unit

“I love helping people and the SES provides a great avenue to do this. With the high-quality training that the SES gives, it’s an exceptional organisation to volunteer with."

When did you join the NSW SES and how old were you when you joined?

I joined the NSW SES when I was 17 years old! I joined back in May 2018.

What sparked your interest in the NSW SES? How did you come to join the NSW SES?

I was looking for something that gave me the opportunity to give back to my local community, and I was scrolling through Facebook one afternoon and saw an ad from my local unit advertising for new volunteers….! I applied that afternoon and the rest is history!

Why do you choose to be an SES Volunteer? 

I love helping people, and the SES provides a great avenue to do this. With the high-quality training that the SES gives, it is an exceptional organisation to volunteer with.

SES also provide a range of community services such as Road Crash Rescue and General Land Rescue, in addition to our combat role of flood and storm!

Seeing the faces of members of the community after you have helped them is priceless. They have just had an extremely tough day and you are able to make that day a bit better for them is extremely rewarding.


What is your most memorable experience in your time as a NSW SES volunteer?

It is so hard to narrow it down to just one experience, but as a general comment, anytime our unit goes operational is a great experience, seeing all the volunteers come together to help the community is a really cool thing to see!


What would be your top tip for young people who may be thinking about becoming an NSW SES Member? 

Just do it and get involved, it is one of the best things you will ever do! Your local unit will become like a second family to you! The skills and friends you make will last a life-time, it is a very rewarding experience!


Thinking about becoming a volunteer like Dylan but not sure what you'd like to do? 

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