Corporate Volunteering

Are you looking for positive ways to develop your staff and make an impact in your community?

NSW SES offers a range of flexible volunteering opportunities to provide a memorable experience in which your staff will grow and learn new skills. NSW SES has thousands of dedicated and committed people across NSW who volunteer to help their local community in times of floods, storms, tsunami and other emergencies.

As a business partner of the NSW SES you will have the opportunity to:

  • make a positive impact in your community
  • develop employee teamwork and leadership skills
  • build employee networks and contacts within your community.

Volunteering with the NSW SES is about making a positive contribution to your community and helping residents prepare and respond better to floods, storms, tsunami and other emergencies. The NSW SES understands that volunteers have work, family and other commitments and is flexible with volunteering arrangements.

When your staff volunteer with the NSW SES, they will join a team of likeminded volunteers who share the same commitment and passion for helping the community. Your team will form friendships with other experienced volunteers and keep in touch long after their experience has ended.

As well as providing your employees with challenges and an opportunity to learn new skills, your NSW SES experience will give your organisation a new perspective about your community.

Learn more about the different SES roles and how you can contribute as a volunteer? Volunteering Roles 

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