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Community Guidelines

NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) encourage contributions on our social media channels. Members expect a place that is respectful, reliable, relevant and safe.

We may edit or delete posts or comments that moderators consider to be:

  • Abusive, offensive, misleading or unlawful - harassment or provoking other community members, swearing, derogatory language, deliberate misinformation and expression of views that are racist, sexist, homophobic or sexually explicit are not acceptable. Defamatory comments or posts that violate laws regarding privacy will be removed.
  • Political in nature - these are forums to discuss policies and initiatives, not political parties and personalities.
  • An infringement of intellectual property rights - respect and acknowledge original creators when sharing content.
  • Spam - we do not accept advertisements, requests to endorse commercial products or services or to solicit donations.
  • Personal details - these channels are public spaces and we will remove any comments including your private information or personal details such as email address or phone number. If we ask for any contact details, please provide this via direct message.
  • A violation of the social media platform's terms and conditions.
  • Impersonating someone else and/or posting on behalf of a suspended member.
  • Seeking to directly solicit donations.
  • Seeking to endorse commercial products or services.

If you breach these guidelines, we may block your account or posts.

Current as at: 1 January 2022

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