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The NSW SES is made up of a wide diversity of people who regularly commit their time and energy, volunteering to assist their communities in times of flood, storms and other emergencies. All NSW SES volunteers deserve recognition for this.

North Sydney SES

NSW SES volunteers come from all walks of life and each contributes to the NSW SES and their local community in their own way. There are many roles that an NSW SES volunteer can participate in, regardless of age, gender or ability. You need to be 16 years and over to join the NSW SES, (though there may be a cadet program which offers NSW SES training in your area through the local school) and be keen to train in rescue, operation, training and/or community education/media. Most of the activity happens when areas are affected by floods, storms and other emergencies but there are other roles that an NSW SES volunteer can do when not operational. There is a commitment to training and updating skills as well as practicing those already gained, but the friendships that are forged through fellow volunteers can make this easy. You also receive nationally accredited competencies as the NSW SES is a Registered Training Organisation.

Here are some testimonials from NSW SES volunteers:

  • "I really started to get into volunteering for the NSW SES when I could put my training into practice. The NSW SES train you very well". Roy, retired Auto Electrician. He also added "now I do rescue as well as logistics and I am trained in a great variety of skills - from storm damage response to map reading, land search, first aid and communications".
  • "What's great about the NSW SES is that I am still able to help out the community without having to climb up and down roofs". Michelle, teacher with an old knee injury. "In operations we organise everything for teams in the field. We are trained in a variety of skills including using the radios and specialist computer software. Best of all, I can do it on crutches".
  • "We were asked to go and assist another NSW SES unit from another area on a search. We worked with the Rural Fire Service and the Police. The camaraderie was incredible. The opportunity to travel and help out another community was great too". Jim, University student.

Wagga Wagga Volunteers as profiled by ABC Riverina - Wagga Volunteers

Our volunteers' mission is to lead their communities in managing floods and storms and to help people in other emergencies. As an NSW SES volunteer, you will learn the skills to help your local community. To volunteer, call your nearest NSW SES unit by finding their phone number in your local White Pages under 'State Emergency Service'.

To volunteer:

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